Posts from // August 2010

Gratitude and Respect at a Time When It’s Not Expected

One of the most interesting aspects of thinking strategically regarding business and operations, are the lessons that can be learned on a social level from friends. After all, many of the engagements on higher levels use a diplomacy of sorts, understanding the nuances of relationship building that translates into eventual trust and respect on both sides of the fence.

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Google At It Again: A Surprising Algorithm Change

The Google Algorithm has been changed on us again! OMG! While the case used to be that a domain could only appear twice in Google’s search results for any one query, Google has now expanded this limit. According to Google’s Webmaster Central blog, this applies to “queries that indicate a…

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Ahoy, Dave Berg!

Dave comes on board with a wealth of expertise in business strategy and interactive marketing. Prior to joining us, he had been leading business-development efforts at a Chicago-based interactive agency.

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