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Google Instant Forces SEO/SEM Marketers to Switch up Their Gameplan.

When Google launched their brand new search engine enhancement Google Instant two weeks ago it sent the whole world of SEO/SEM into a frenzy. Every search marketer was asking questions, and nobody had any answers. (I can picture the nightmares already) But don’t worry search marketers you can slip on your onesies and sleep uninterrupted, because EIM has some answers for you.

Above it All at ROOF on theWit

Interactive agency envisionit media launches ROOF on theWit, a downtown Chicago rooftop bar and lounge. Exciting new website functionality that allows visitors to Stay on Top, Request a Reservation online, and submit a private event RFP!

Part 2 of 4: Cell Selling – Dan Sinker on Mobile Advertising

In some ways those options get better with mobile because you suddenly have the location factor to be able to search stuff up, but your inventory needs get better at that point because what’s relevant location-wise is a very finite thing. What’s relevant to me here in Chicago might not be relevant if I lived in Tinley Park. I’m not going to suddenly come into the city because there’s a lunch special down the street.

Google Makes an “Instant” Change to the Way We Search. Introducing Google Instant.

Google Instant is their brand new enhancement to their search engine that shows you search results the second you start typing. That’s right ladies and gentlemen you don’t even have to hit the search key. Not only that, they’ve enhanced the prediction features to help guide you if you don’t find exactly what you’re looking for, or if you just don’t feel like typing the whole thing out J. (No need to worry, this does not affect the ranking of search results).