Posts from // October 2010

Take a byte out of it: Restaurants embrace technology

Does your restaurant embrace the latest and greatest in technology? Your restaurant has a Facebook page, big deal. You have a Twitter stream where you tweet the latest addition to the menu, so what. Oh, and you offer customers deals on Foursquare, how innovative. Your restaurant is hopelessly 2009 if the wine list isn’t on an iPad. Observe:

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The Social Network: a Study in Brilliance and Nerd Fashion

In many ways, The Social Network is a film the Facebook juggernaut deserves, mirroring the site and its creator in dexterity and media contention. And really, Real Zuck shouldn’t worry—it’s unlikely anyone will delete their Facebook account because his fictionalized self comes off as slightly abrasive.

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The Five Dive: Keeping Tabs on Tablets

Thanks in part to the iPad, the tablet is enjoying a shining moment. Object of nerd lust, topping technophile Christmas lists everywhere, tablets are a bridge between smartphone and computer—and the mobility factor opens up a world of possibilities.

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