Equal Sweetener Website

We’re all familiar with that little blue packet you see in grocery stores and on restaurant tables all across the America.  If you’ve you recently noticed the Equal logo showing up on pink and yellow packets, it’s not your eyes deceiving you. Equal is now bringing its customers a choice in their sweetener preference with Equal Classic, Equal Sucralose, and Equal Saccharin.

This expansion of Equal’s product breadth has accompanied a shift in overall brand positioning from Equal being a dieter’s brand to Equal making anyone’s food and beverages taste great. So envisionit media was challenged with designing a new website that would retrain visitors on what Equal is as a brand, provide an introduction to and education about Equal’s new products, and reflect Equal’s refreshed look.

As a result, www.Equal.com is an informative, clean and bright experience. Navigating to the three Equal products, highlighted clearly in the main navigation with their appropriate color, yields a bounty of info including ingredients, “sweetness conversion” charts, and product locators. A prominent Health & Nutrition section contains diet and fitness tips and resources. And with Equal’s new products came many new ways to enjoy tasty treats made with Equal, which led EIM to develop a robust recipe tool that allows users to search by category, sweetener preference or keyword.

Check out Equal’s new website to learn all that’s new with the low-cal sweetener. And save us some of those tasty treats!

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