There has been a rumor going around that Facebook has made changes to all business pages that will preventing that business’s posts from being seen by all of their fans, even those who have already liked the business page. You may have seen some pages posting updates similar to:

“Facebook is now charging to see all of our posts. To see all of our updates, please go to our page and click where it says, “Liked” and select “Show in News Feed.”

Is this rumor true? Yes and No. Let me explain.

Limited views in your fans’ news feeds

If you manage a Facebook Page for your business, you may have noticed that your reach has dropped over the past couple months. This is not from any recent change (as any fan that already likes your page will have the “Show in News Feed” area already checked off), but this is because of a Facebook algorithm that they have been running for quite some time called “Edgerank.” The Edgerank algorithm calculates a variety of factors, including each specific fan’s past interaction with your page, the popularity of each specific update,  type of update (link, photo, text, etc), and many more factors that normal human beings like us will never know of. Based off a variety of factors, your page will be displayed in the news feed to a certain percentage of your fan base, and not every fan that has liked your page.

How to help with the lack of reach amongst your current Facebook Fans

Get Creative!

Because of the Edgerank algorithm limiting the reach of your posts amongst your Facebook fans, it is important that you get as creative as possible to drive interaction amongst your fan base. Posting links and images can be extremely effective on Facebook, as well as open-ended questions related to your brand or related to current events that can give your Facebook fans the opportunity to interact. More interaction amongst your fans will increase the interaction rate of your page, the “fans talking about this” ratio, the popularity of posts, and in turn increase your visibility in your fans’ news feeds.

Promoted Posts

Facebook has recently rolled out a paid service that will allow you to “Promote Posts” of your choice to Facebook users for a period of three days.

Facebook states: “The Promoted Posts will be shown in the news feeds of more of the people who like your Page than you would reach normally. Friends of the people who have interacted with your post will also be more likely to see the story in their news feeds for up to 3 days from when the post was first created.”


The estimated reach for each Promoted Post is based off of the budget allocated to the post, as well as the amount of people that currently like your page. You can also target Promoted Posts based on location, to target markets where you feel the topic shared will be most effective. This can be a great opportunity to drive awareness amongst your Facebook community about announcements, exclusive news, offers and deals to a larger portion of your fan base than you would normally reach from a regular posts.


Make sure you put these creative and paid efforts in motion when running your Facebook business to get the maximum reach amongst your fan base! And now that you know the truth, you don’t have to flood your timeline with meaningless “Select Show In News Feed” posts!

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