Posts from // January 2014

Meet Danica, our newest Associate Project Manager

We employ many specialists: creative, branding, media, marketing, development – the list goes on. But when we have a project to do, we need someone who keeps all those specialists working together perfectly. A specialist for specialists, if you will. With this in mind, we immediately warmed to Danica Wasser….

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Yahoo Switches to Secure Search: The Impact to Analytics

If you check into your site analytics on a regular basis, you may soon notice a 100% drop-off in traffic from Yahoo organic listings. Don’t be alarmed—you’re not alone. Around January 8th of this year, Yahoo switched over to secure search for every user. While this is great for internet…

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Shout Out to the Avegant Glyph!

  A few weeks ago, we introduced you to the Avegant Glyph, which debuted this year at CES in Las Vegas. Avegant launched a Kickstarter campaign for the Glyph last Wednesday in hopes of raising $250,000. Not only did they reach their goal of $250,000 in under 4 hours, but…

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Our Favorite Tweets of the #Gmail Outage

For a period of time today, Twitter became even more popular than usual. Why? Because Gmail was down and helpless people everywhere were suddenly feeling like they had nowhere else to turn and nothing else to do. As digital marketers, we understand the feeling of withdrawal that occurs when one…

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Creating Shareable Content- A Case Study

As a digital agency, our work often centers around growing the bond between our clients and their online communities. For some, this may trigger a kneejerk social media or advertising blitz, but we like to think of a brand’s role in their community as more of a publisher than a…

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Utilizing Engagement Ads Across the Google Display Network

Recently, Google rolled out a new ad format on the Display Network named Engagement Ads. While numerous video networks have been testing forms of Cost Per Engagement in the digital advertising space for years, this is a progressive move for a display network, especially one with the sheer volume that Google possesses.

Meet Joe, our new SEM Manager

How do you capture the attention of people that are now averaging over 5 hours online per day? It isn’t easy.  The job takes creativity, tenacity and an equal helping of instinct and scientific testing. That’s why we hired Joe Mathieu as our new SEM Manager. Having worked at Omnicom,…

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