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Nerding out on CRO at Opticon

Well it’s been two weeks since I returned from Opticon, Optimizely’s first annual user conference. If you don’t know about Optimizely, it happens to be our favorite tool for doing A/B testing on websites because it’s so damn easy to use and they keep improving the product (more on that…

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Why CRO is an Agency Hero

Conversion Rate Optimization, bricks and mortar edition You see an ad for a product on sale. You go into the store. You pick up the product and find the checkout counter. For some reason, you think twice, and don’t make the purchase. That would be a Conversion Rate of zero….

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Multi-Channel Attribution, Part 1: Third-Party Attribution Partners

Digital marketing, at its core, is rooted on the basis of performance. Even in the case of Branding campaigns, where conversion metrics are not necessarily the foremost concern, advertisers want to know that their dollars were spent wisely; and, more often than not, website analytics are a strong indicator of…

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