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Party Like a Copywriter: Study the Masters

Good copywriting tells the facts, supports a brand, and speaks to an audience. Great copywriting becomes something bigger—part of our memories, part of an era. William Bernbach, David Ogilvy, and Lee Clow are just three who have created campaigns that have become just that, cultural references. Take a look William…

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Six Ways to Generate Company Blog Ideas

A frequently updated company blog can accomplish several goals, including improved search engine rankings; driving brand awareness; increased website traffic; and helping position your business as an industry leader. But it’s not always easy to come up with ideas for blog posts. Here are six ways that might help.

Move Your Brand! Literally…

It happens all the time. Really, it does. You know, those times when you watch that short flash animation over and over again on a website. Or think about how many of those “how-to” videos you watch in order to use something you just bought, try a new recipe, or…

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party like a copywriter: use one space

The golden rule of modern word processing: Use one space after a sentence. No, really. Unless you’re using a typewriter (which, although awesome, is arguably not terribly modern), there’s no need to insert an extra space after a sentence. At all. It was standard to use two spaces after a…

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Best practices for plain writing

In October, President Obama declared plain writing as law, signing The Plain Writing Act of 2010 into effect. The Act defines plain writing as “writing that is clear, concise, well-organized, and follows other best practices appropriate to the subject or field and intended audience.”

The Great White Bull: Some Notes on the Creative Process

In any business, inspiration can be daunting, infuriating, and elusive. Ernest Hemingway used to say that just getting started was the most difficult part of great writing. Often enough, the challenges of filling a blank page, or “the great white bull,” as he described it, makes creativity indispensable in modern business.