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Google Bringing Search and Social a Little Closer

Google announced last week that they’re—wait for it—yes, rolling out another new change to their search results pages. Recognizing the power and popularity of this whole social media phenomenon, they’ve decided to further integrate the social experience. Their desired result is more personalized and trusted search results and happier online…

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Merging Digital Trends: Embracing Mobile, Local, and a Good Deal

The local, mobile, check in, and collective bargaining movements are starting to merge over at Google. Even though they aren’t always the ones with the first idea, if Google embraces it, you pretty much know it’s going to be big or is at least a hint at where the future is going. So let’s take a look at exactly what’s happening out west in good old Mountain View, California.

Google At It Again: A Surprising Algorithm Change

The Google Algorithm has been changed on us again! OMG! While the case used to be that a domain could only appear twice in Google’s search results for any one query, Google has now expanded this limit. According to Google’s Webmaster Central blog, this applies to “queries that indicate a…

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