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Google Blocklist: Power to the People

So things over at Google are getting a little scary, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Although it is still technically in testing phase, Google is allowing users to block domains/hosts from appearing in your personal Google search results. They are also allowing users to report bad links and…

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Should I really pay attention to this video SEO stuff?

If you’ve turned a blind eye to the chatter about how videos can enhance your ranking in the search engines, listen up my friend – especially if you’re an online retailer. Video SEO is here to stay, and it can increase revenue by 10-15%. Here are some compelling stats that tell us why:

Nearly 40% of users that search Google see video options in their universal results
Search appears to be how most web users are finding video today, and 80% of folks view a video in its entirety – 25% click through to purchase a product
34 of the top 50 online retailers were using video in last year
Videos can drive an overall revenue lift of 10-15%

So we’ve talked before about how the holidays are right around the corner, and I’m sure you’ve got your planning well underway. Just like it’s important to have your site optimized for those of us who avoid the malls like the plague between November 1 & January 31 (check out Adam’s blog post from earlier this summer for more info), now it’s also important to have some compelling, relevant, well-optimized videos on your site.

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SMX Advanced 2010 Recap: Built For The User

Settled back in from 2 full days at the SMX Advanced 2010 search marketing expo in weather-schizophrenic Seattle (hmm, sounds like another city I know) . The jet lag is fading back to my normal everyday loopiness, the withdrawal from 24/7 search marketing conversation is waning, and it’s time to…

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