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Meet Robert, SEO Manager!

Are organic vegetables better for you than conventional vegetables? Debatable. Is organic search good for your business? Yes. Robert takes a holistic approach to SEO: treating the entire site, not just the symptoms or rankings. But make no mistake — he’s no SEO hippie, even though he’s in charge of…

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Do Your Keyword Research!

Google says that there are 151,000,000 searches a month for the word “car.” Question…Is it more important to therefore try to rank organically for the word “car,” to try and capture traffic from those hundreds of millions of searches and compete against every other website going after “car” searches? Or…

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Six Ways to Generate Company Blog Ideas

  • October 19, 2011
  • envisionit agency
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A frequently updated company blog can accomplish several goals, including improved search engine rankings; driving brand awareness; increased website traffic; and helping position your business as an industry leader. But it’s not always easy to come up with ideas for blog posts. Here are six ways that might help.

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The Latest In Google Housecleaning

As we all know, and often write about, Google is always making changes (aka “making us crazy”). Whether an interface, algorithm, or product change, sometimes these stay at the “test” status and never really have an impact on a business’s SEO efforts, other times we’re not so lucky. Either way,…

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4 basic tips to improve your business’s website

When looking at most business infrastructures there is usually one thing that is most important amongst all of them—the consumer. Your revenue is driven by consumer purchases, and if said consumer is happy with the services your company provides, they will more than likely return for repeat business. A strong…

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Canonical What?

What the H!@# is a Canonical Tag? First off, it is pronounced [kuh-non-i-kuhl] tag and it helps eliminate duplicate content on your site in the eyes of search engines. It is easy to implement, accepted by all the major search engines and can help your site in the rankings. In…

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