Braintree thoughtfully connects with developers.

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Braintree has transformed how businesses accept payments in the digital age since 2007. Their payment-processing technology and masterful API power $10 billion in transactions for sites, apps, and shops annually – all without a card needed at point of sale.


Braintree apps

> envisionit helped usher in this revolution by connecting the brand to their most important audience—developers.

The Idea

We dug in deep, embracing the coding culture and partnering with Braintree’s rockstar in-house development team to ensure no BS—only genuine insights.

Keeping in mind top-tier developers around the world working with Braintree’s technology, the way they approach their work, their passion for elegant code, and their critical view of marketing, envisionit developed the “Thoughtfully” campaign for advertising, social, paid search and SEO.

“Thoughtfully” developer campaign

Developers can easily see through profit motives, so we ensured our messaging was to-the-point, useful, and unobtrusive. Responding enthusiastically to our “Thoughtfully” campaign, developers engaged the brand across forums, social media, and paid media.


Media expression

Our media planning team identified opportunities for meaningful interaction and placed custom content where developers needed it most. Now part of the PayPal family, Braintree’s opportunity to reach an even wider audience has taken our media outreach to international markets.


Visibility + Engagement

Developers continue to see Braintree as a thought and cultural leader. Conversions from the campaign climbed to record levels, and with ongoing conversion rate optimization (CRO), we’re constantly refining how we turn engaged audiences into customers.