DRIFIRE gets awareness and loyalty. For life.

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High performance doesn’t always equal high awareness. Born on the battlefield and proven on the racetrack, DRIFIRE offers superior flame-resistant garments for the military, utilities and oil and gas industries, but had relatively low brand recognition. DRIFIRE partnered with envisionit to help the best kept secret of the world’s toughest jobs get the exposure and loyalty it deserved.

The Idea

After running a successful paid-search campaign and creating buzzworthy industry videos, envisionit set out to develop an attention-grabbing campaign that could span across digital, events and print and differentiate DRIFIRE from competitors like Carhartt and Workrite.

To connect with our audiences, we needed to showcase the products’ flame-resistant, wicking and comfort features while sincerely speaking to the hardworking nature of the job. That’s how the For Life campaign was born.

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Creating loyalty for life

Just like our troops, electrical linemen and oil and gas workers risk everything to keep our modern world running. In-depth research uncovered an unspoken fraternity and pride that goes into doing their jobs. Using bold, heroic imagery and emotional, benefit-driven messaging, we launched the For Life campaign through display ads, tradeshow banners, and a new website.

The new campaign positioned DRIFIRE as high performance FR that gives workers—and the people who count on them—peace of mind through protection, comfort and safety. For life.

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Breaking the clutter

DRIFIRE immediately stood out from competitors at industry trade shows with its large-scale banners, gaining attention from key decision makers. While the new website has just recently launched, initial online feedback suggests that people are engaging with the site and finding the information they need.


Visibility + Engagement

For Life has become more than just a campaign for DRIFIRE. It’s a mantra the company stands behind and that’s helping them gain more traction. The combination of high performance and emotional messaging is resonating with key audiences and turning them into loyal customers for life. And data are helping us further improve the experience and expand the campaign into print and social media.