Entertainment Cruises delivers a shipshape web experience.

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Entertainment Cruises

You haven’t truly experienced a city until you’ve taken in its breathtaking views by water. With its fleet of ships in seven cities across the country, including Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, New York, Norfolk, Philadelphia, and Washington DC, Entertainment Cruises offers unmatched dinner and cruise experiences.


For cruise seekers, that unforgettable experience starts online. Entertainment Cruises hit the open waters with envisionit to create a cohesive online presence across markets and brands.

The Idea

When we first partnered, Entertainment Cruises had more than 15 separate websites for its five ship brands, each of which were managed individually by market. This meant different user experiences, check-out processes and content management systems, even across the same ship brands.


The cruise company that offers all-in-one experiences like no other—from dancing, dinner and drinks with skylines views to adventurous, architectural cruises—needed a well designed, all-in-one, responsive website. And that’s just what we delivered.

Total remodel

How do you create a seamless user experience across brands while building an operationally efficient CMS? And from an SEO standpoint, how do you consolidate multiple websites without losing revenue-generating traffic?

Begin with research. We audited the existing sites, identifying opportunities to move users through the sales funnel and looking at analytics to understand how users were visiting the sites. With a diverse set of offerings, we also had to isolate key content themes to ensure they were accounted for in the redesign. Content strategy placed emphasis on specific market needs and special event cruises to differentiate the brands and create opportunity for traffic growth during peak season.


Keeping existing search equity was key. We looked at shared search patterns across sites to identify content themes and created redirect strategies at the domain and individual URL levels to maintain traffic, avoid error messaging, and most importantly—send signals to search engines on which pages to rank in organic search results.

Designing the experience

With a sound UX strategy in place, we focused on designing a web experience that let users virtually step onboard. Clean, modern design and atmospheric photography, inspired by luxury hotels, showcase the experience, chic decor and spectacular skyline views.

Mobile Screeshot

Along with client-provided copy, editing filters crucial to the sales process also ensured a cleaner, more easily navigable experience. We launched Entertainment Cruises’ new websites just in time for high tourist season.

Visibility + Engagement

Maintaining visibility was essential going into spring and summer months, Entertainment Cruises’ busiest. There’s always a risk for decreased traffic any time you redesign a website. However, through careful research and planning, organic search traffic actually increased by 18%, compared to the previous year. There was also a 14% increase in new visitors, and based on online survey feedback, the majority of visitors are finding what they’re looking for.


Beyond an increase in visitors, Entertainment Cruises’ fleet recently saw an increase in ticket sales, with the best July 4th it’s had in five years.