QCenter transforms the conference experience.

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The world’s most notable brands sharpen their human resources and intellectual capital at QCenter, one of the largest dedicated conference centers in North America. Equipped with industry-leading facilities and staff, QCenter helps meetings transcend the expected. The goal – inspire groups to achieve great things. QCenter has dedicated every inch of their 95-acre campus to create transformative experiences for their global clients. Since 2012, envisionit has helped QCenter represent the sophistication and breadth of its approach to B2B audiences.

The Idea

The specialists at QCenter, as well as the Chief Learning Officers and event planners they serve, know that great meeting experiences require much more than most hotels offer. That’s why we developed “QTime” – a platform that focuses on the service-oriented details and one-of-a-kind learning environment that only QCenter offers.

This is QTime

Brand Presentation

Research showed that key decision makers and influencers were more engaged with certain digital channels than previously thought. We collaborated with QCenter to ensure their online properties expressed the transformative impact of the QTime experience. With a revitalized website at the core, QCenter has realized a greater degree of brand impact, and ultimately, leads.


Experience QTime

Capturing the unique experience of QCenter’s 95-acre campus couldn’t be done without video. envisionit developed a highlight reel that celebrated the campus and all it offers in vivid detail.

Hermes Award

The right media mix

We used a comprehensive digital media mix to ensure the right audiences were engaged. Email, digital display, and social engagement brought audiences the most relevant information at the right time. The mix and the message had impact – a 63% increase in traffic and a greater volume of leads from totally new sources.

63% increase in traffic

Elevating thought leadership

QCenter has the industry’s premier meeting and events professionals on staff. Leveraging their wealth of knowledge was critical in showcasing the valuable event savvy clients could expect. We created a blog platform to give that conversation a home and make custom research and insights easily accessible.


Moving the industry forward

QCenter and envisionit collaborated with thought leaders, academics, and leading enterprises to establish the Council for Meetings and Professional Development. A network for strategic, policy, and best practices thinking for the field, it serves as a platform to advance the industry so that stakeholders are better equipped to address pressing issues and create meaningful solutions.


Visibility + Engagement

With audiences better aware of the exceptional meeting and event experience at QCenter, engagement across digital and offline channels are enthusiastically up. And with better digital tools, QCenter is even better positioned to offer timely thought leadership. This is QTime, and we’re ready to serve.