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the incredible edible egg and science olympiad announce scholarship efforts via online PR kit


Incredible Edible Egg and Science Olympiad provide insights to their scholarship efforts for students via an online PR kit. The PR campaign champions the partnership’s efforts in bringing scholarship opportunities to today’s students.

America’s brightest young minds will be launching rockets, crashing vehicles and cracking eggs as part of the 25th annual Science Olympiad National Tournament in Augusta, GA, on May 16. For the first time, the Incredible Edible Egg, on behalf of America’s egg farmers, will celebrate the incredible achievements of science-minded students by awarding four $1,000 college scholarships. The tournament is the culmination of what began with 200,000 students across the nation competing in local tournaments, and has been narrowed to a group of 2,500 who will compete in a series of scientific challenges that require a unique level of focus, precision and skill.

As part of the Incredible Edible Egg’s partnership with Science Olympiad, two of the 46 events will be “egg-centric.” In the “Scrambler” competition, students are challenged to design and build mechanical devices to transport eggs, while at the “Egg-O-Naut” event, students design and launch rockets that deploy parachutes to carry a raw egg without breaking. Each member of the gold medal winning teams will receive a $1,000 scholarship towards college.

Click here to view more details via the online PR kit.