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business travel goes viral at hotel sax

Business travel doesn’t have the nicest of reputations. It’s a seemingly endless stream of planes, trains and automobiles, not to mention less than enjoyable hotel stays and boring conferences.

Now there is some good news from Hotel Sax for business travelers. The hotel has developed a fun, insightful video depicting a day at Hotel Sax–all from the perspective of a business traveler. Watch Mr. Business Guy experience the hotel’s innovative, design-centric meeting space, fun in technology lounge, The Studio, a trip up to the plush Chairman’s Lounge, and then off to enjoy a night cap in the sexy Crimson Lounge. Suddenly business travel looks like a whole lotta fun!

The video will be used in-house by the Hotel Sax team, but also lives on the hotel’s interweb for the public’s enjoyment. You can also check it out on You Tube hotel sax video. Be sure to pass it around!