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wow bao wants you to show your love of bao on twitter


Wow Bao, known for its steamed Bao buns and other casual Asian cuisine, is upping the ante for Bao lovers. If you love Bao, now you can get some love back with the Bao Mouth. First off, head on over to Twitter and follow Mr. Bao Mouth himself. If BaoMouth notices you saying good things about Wow Bao on Twitter, he may find you and thank you by suggesting you go to a local Wow Bao and tell them BaoMouth sent you, and you’ll get a treat! What kinda treats? Depends on BaoMouth — Could be anything from a free chocolate bao to a set of pot stickers to a quenching homemade ginger ale. Mmmmm!

You can also sign up for promotional deals on the Bao Mouth website, and be admitted to the exclusive club of Bao Mouths. You may even receive your own Bao Mouth card for redemption at your local Wow Bao restaurant.

Twitter today and win some WOWS from the Bao!