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the incredible edible egg launches back to school effort via online PR kit


edelman back to school

As kids start heading back to school, the Incredible Edible Egg is making sure they’re getting the nutritious breakfast they need for the intense days ahead. Something as simple as feeding kids an affordable, high-quality protein breakfast like eggs can help them stay more focused in class. In fact, according to a recent survey by the American Egg Board, 52 percent of moms serve hard-cooked eggs for breakfast because of their ease and ability to provide the mind and body energy kids need to tackle the toughest days. However, the same survey quizzed moms and also found more than seven out of 10 don’t know how to properly prepare hard-cooked eggs.

Luckily Howard Helmer, eggspert and Guinness World Record holder for omelet-making, is bringing moms back-to-school for a lesson on hard-cooking to help guarantee kids have the high-quality protein breakfast they need to get through long school days.

Start the school year off right with an eggcellent breakfast! Click here to view more of the online PR kit.