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the good egg project cracks open new website launch


The American Egg Board and its egg farmers have launched a new website showcasing their commitment to the care, quality and delivery of your eggs. The project kicks off this month, and was featured on The Rachael Ray Show’s season premiere. The Good Egg Project is also a proud sponsor of Sesame Street.

America’s egg farmers are committed to caring for animals and providing nutritious and affordable eggs to consumers. This commitment starts on the farms and continues through the egg’s journey from the processing plant, to the delivery truck, to the grocery store and then to the consumer’s table. On the website, visitors will learn about the family-owned and operated egg businesses, and the carefully developed practices for delivering high-quality, great-tasting, wholesome eggs to America’s breakfast tables.

The new site also features “The Pledge.” Visitors can sign up pledging to “Eat Good, Do Good.” everyday. For every pledge made, a donation of one egg will be made to Feeding America – up to one million eggs. And that’s in addition to the 12 million eggs donated annually by egg farmers!

Be sure to visit the Good Egg Project and pledge today!