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playing dress-up at a real-life gala!


Lifelink, a charitable organization devoted to serving those less fortunate in the Chicagoland area, hosted their annual fundraising gala last Friday in Oak Brook, IL. What a wonderful evening – and a great chance to get insight into the amazing stories that speak volumes about all that Lifelink staff does to provide better lives for the 25,000 people they touch each year.

The evening began with a silent auction and cocktail hour (is it just me – or is this everyone’s favorite hour?). We chatted and mingled it up, bid on prizes that we knew we wouldn’t win – and then did actually win one. Luckily, Lifelink takes Visa…

During dinner, we had the real treat of sitting with a member of Lifelink’s board. He and his wife adopted their daughter from Korea 26 years ago through Lifelink’s International Adoption program. They regaled us with stories from “the good ‘ol days,” when Lifelink’s community support was at its peak. We listened together as Lifelink’s CEO, Tim Rhodes, delivered a moving presentation about how everyone in the room contributes to helping those less fortunate – a foster child who is spending his first night tonight in a new home free from abuse; an immigrant mother that can barely make ends meet now knows that her son will get the education he deserves with Lifelink’s Head Start program; a senior citizen in his or her new apartment that won’t have to worry anymore at the prospect of spending a night on the streets.

We are profoundly touched by the work that Lifelink does, and firmly believe their impact on society is immeasurable. We’re so proud to support them and provide assistance where we can so that others have the opportunity to learn about and support this wonderful organization.

You can visit their current website at (we will be launching their new website in Q4 of 2009.)