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congratulations to chef joho — “top chef” in our eyes!


We’ve had the privilege to work with the renowned and ever-charismatic Chef Joho on…count ’em…three websites. (Check them out, and then treat yourself to a meal at one of his restaurants, you will not be sorry: Brasserie Jo, Everest Restaurant, Eiffel Tower Restaurant.) So I was thrilled to learn a few weeks ago that he was making an appearance as a guest judge on a French-centric episode of Top Chef, Las Vegas. Watch a clip of the episode.

But wait! There’s more…Eiffel Tower and Everest were both recently recognized by MSN City Guides as having 2 of the best restaurant views in the United States. Read the full article.

So, Chef, on behalf of the Envisionit team: félicitations!

(Yes, I used an online English to French dictionary for that.)