Posts from // June 2010

A Virtual Day at the Cubs Ballgame

Our friends at have recently added a new, live-streaming Wrigley Field web cam to their site! Come check out the view as it’s streamed live from their store location, Sports World, which is across the street with a full view of the front entrance of the ballpark.

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Video & Video Sitemaps: That’s Some Sexy Site Architecture

With the launch of Google Caffeine and after talk at SMX Advanced 2010 in Seattle, Google’s made it clear that they will start looking more at video sitemaps when indexing websites. Why? Because they’re sexy! Videos are slick, compelling and fun, and people like them. And what does Google like? Things that people like. Videos […]

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SMX Advanced 2010 Recap: Built For The User

Settled back in from 2 full days at the SMX Advanced 2010 search marketing expo in weather-schizophrenic Seattle (hmm, sounds like another city I know) . The jet lag is fading back to my normal everyday loopiness, the withdrawal from 24/7 search marketing conversation is waning, and it’s time to recap a few takeaways that […]

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