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The Five Dive: Keeping Tabs on Tablets


We love the interweb in all of its wide and worldly glory. Every week or so we’ll be sharing a round-up of five links we enjoyed, and think you will too.

Thanks in part to the iPad, the tablet is enjoying a shining moment. Object of nerd lust, topping technophile Christmas lists everywhere, tablets are a bridge between smartphone and computer—and the mobility factor opens up a world of possibilities.

  1. PCWorld declares 2010 year of the tablet.
  2. Huffington Post showcases non-iPad tablets worth your while.
  3. MSN: Rumors of a 7-inch iPad could be true.
  4. Motley Fool blogs about who is using the iPad.
  5. Technologizer explores tablets that failed.

Tell us: what kind of tablet would you purchase? How do you hope to use your tablet?