Posts from // November 2010

To Flash or Not to Flash?

Does Google index Flash? This is a question we SEO’s are constantly asked, and to the extent of what they can index in a Flash file is a hot topic and one that Google is always trying to improve upon. Get a latest update on Google SEO and Flash here!

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James Martin Associates Website is in Full Bloom

Creating and maintaining beautiful, functional landscapes is why James Martin Associates is among the most highly regarded landscaping companies in Illinois. When the 33-year-old landscaping firm wanted to overhaul their website so it reflected the quality work they create, they turned to us to make it happen.

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Content Strategy Will Fill You Up

What is your website supposed to communicate about your brand and your business? How will people find your website? Why would someone care about what you have to say? And why would a person come back for more information? Those are all content-related questions you need to answer before a website is born. Or sautéed, or pan-fried, or what have you.

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