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NTN Bearing Corporation Launches New Website & Facebook page


NTN Website Design

Do you know how many bearings are in a bulldozer? A sport utility vehicle like a Jeep? How about a wind turbine? Well if you don’t (and some of us definitely did not!) you can now find out by visiting the new NTN America website. Why would these facts interest you, you ask?  Well, bearings are part of so many materials in our everyday lives, and chances are you come in contact with several products a day that uses a Bearing. And even greater chances are one of those bearings was made by NTN. Today, NTN operates more than 50 plants worldwide and is the 3rd largest bearing manufacturer in the world!

When NTN came to EIM, their website was a bit outdated. They had goals of communicating how much they were apart of everyday lives, as well as showcasing a site with an updated and professional look to it. A couple upgraded features include 3 Search functionalities – you can search on their site for a bearing replacement part, an NTN Distributor, or just a general bearing based on your needs. The new website, organized by Industry as well as Products, helps visitors easily get to where they need to be in order to locate the bearing they are looking for. The new site is also a lot more educational, providing industry-specific bearing information.

Along with a new website design, NTN also realized it needed to start venturing into the social media scene with a new Facebook page. The page was created with have the same look and feel of the website, while promoting the 3 Search functionalities and allowing for internal departments like recruiting to reach out to candidates and updated career info on the page. Check it out and Become a Fan of NTN Bearing Corporation!