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Our Account Team Grows!

It’s true—meet the newest members of our team, Mikky and Grant. They’re here to help us drive strategy, foster strong client relationships, come up with smart ways to make search marketing work for businesses, and bring their marketing know-how to the table.

Mikky Wright, Senior Account Manager

As someone who has owned his own successful businesses in Chicago, Mikky’s marketing strategy and management skills are invaluable when it comes to working with the clients to help them grow their business. He absorbs any and all information he can get his hands on, giving him a well-versed scope on any project he undertakes. It’s no wonder, then, that some of his favorite things to do outside the office cover a variety of activities: sculpting, painting, playing baseball, and dream analysis.

Grant Sabatier, SEO/SEM Account Manager

Grant comes to Chicago via Washington, D.C. with seven years of experience in online marketing and SEO/SEM work. Here at Envisionit, he’s responsible for developing sound SEO and SEM strategies for our clients. In his downtime, he collects guitars (17 at last count) and enjoys the fine sounds of electronic ambient music, which he says goes well with SEO work.