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To Flash or Not to Flash?


Last week, Google announced yet another update as to the extent of what they can and will index in a Flash file. Google says they are now able to understand and index “almost any text a user can see as they interact with a SWF file on your site.” For years, they have been working with Adobe to better improve upon their indexing capabilities. Last year they were able to index almost all content in a Flash file, and now all the text and links in that file are now included. What does that mean to you? Content as well as Flash buttons and menus can be indexed. Googlebots can now follow URLs that are embedded in Flash files and index that page. They also can easier extract meta data from those files and recognize video. Here are some quick tips for getting your Flash files indexed:

  • Create meta data for your Flash files
  • Create unique links for each page that is linked from your Flash file
  • Submit a Sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools

Oh and one last thing – this still does not mean we recommend going out and building a whole site in Flash. Google still has a long way to go before we can determine that an all-Flash site is not the biggest SEO mistake you can make!! To learn more, visit the Google Blog here.