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Six Ways to Generate Company Blog Ideas


A frequently updated company blog can accomplish several goals, including improved search engine rankings; driving brand awareness; increased website traffic; and helping position your business as an industry leader. But it’s not always easy to come up with ideas for blog posts. Here are six ways that might help.

  1. Subscribe to other industry blogs using an RSS reader. Google Reader is a popular choice. Find some influential blogs in your industry and subscribe to their feeds. The idea here is not to steal their ideas but you can build on some of their posts, or simply use them to help spark new ideas.
  2. Set up alerts. Again, using Google, you can set up keyword alerts. Choose some terms specific and important to your industry. Google will notify you when those terms are trending on the Web. Then you can craft posts around those topics, taking advantage of breaking news and events.
  3. Follow key industry leaders on Twitter. Similar to setting up alerts, Twitter can be a great place to find ideas for blog posts. By following leaders in your industry, you will always be aware of important happenings. Then you can write timely posts.
  4. Poll your customers. There might be topics out there that your consumers really want to know about. You won’t know unless you ask!
  5. Create an editorial calendar. At least once a month, there is a holiday, industry conference or some other scheduled event. Mark these on a calendar and schedule posts a few days before each event highlighting what is taking place and how it might affect your industry and consumers.
  6. Use your analytics data. How do most people get to your website? Did they search for certain topics? What are the most popular items on your website? Finding the answers to these questions will reveal the kind of information consumers want from your website. Give it to them, frequently.