Posts from // March 2012

Social Media PR Unscientific Case Study

I have had a certain product break on me four times in the past three months. Each time I didn’t complain, just filled out the warranty, sent the product in and got a new one. Now the fourth time the product broke, I decided to take to social media because, quite frankly, I felt people […]

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Say No to Dashboards! Demand Analytics You Can Use.

I will come out and say it, I hate dashboards! Today’s business Key Performance Indicators (KPI) are changing so rapidly that dashboards become obsolete very quickly. Dashboards provide end users with summary metrics that are supposed to lead to accurate decisions. However, miscommunication between the dashboard creator and end user could cause inaccurate decisions. Dashboards […]

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“…IN BED.”

Similar to adding the words “in bed” to the end of a fortune found in a cookie and chuckling, try placing “in bed” at the end of a phrase you would use to describe your experience at work. If the resulting phrase doesn’t make you chuckle and isn’t something you’re looking forward to, then you’re […]

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