Building homes based on changing families

Gone are the days of one TV, one living room, and one landline. The world has changed greatly and so have the lifestyles of the modern American family.

That’s what spurred Wausau Homes to rethink their home designs. For over 50 years, they’ve been committed to redefining the home building experience, so they needed to know how families currently live to create homes that will be loved forever. So they performed an extensive research study to truly understand the lifestyle, the needs, and the stories of their potential customers.

That research led to one universal truth – every single family is unique – but certain trends were emerging. They didn’t necessarily need bigger homes. However, many needed more space for storing food after CostCo runs or sports equipment for active kids. A living room may better serve them if it were designed to be a media or craft room. A built in office could clear up the dining room table. But still, no family had the exact same needs.


To address this, Wausau Homes completely rethought how they help families build a dream home. They started by designing 112 new home layouts in six different series. But that wasn’t enough. They created eight different Trend Spaces to help each home fit every family’s specific needs. The new layouts and Trend Spaces created an extensive base for customers to customize to their heart’s delight.


This fit perfectly with their brand promise that every home is built on time, with a firm price, your way. Each component in a Wausau Home is still constructed in one of their climate-controlled state of the art manufacturing facilities to ensure the highest quality. And as always, each home is uniquely built down to the last nail to the exact customer specifications.

Because Wausau Homes reapproached their floor plans and customization options, they needed to reapproach the experience that potential customers get when searching for their dream home. We created tools to allow users to search by home type, style, available Trend Spaces, and much more – all focused on making the building experience easy and stress-free.

In addition to the website, we helped Wausau Homes’ many builders get inspired, motivated, and educated about the changes by creating content for their annual Builder Conference. To alert the masses, we created print, radio and email marketing programs.

What started with some research on how families live grew into a great project that will help thousands of families build homes that are perfect for their life story.

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