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Meet Nicole, our newest Account Manager


NicoleAccount Managers hold one of the most critical roles at Envisionit: Knowing our clients thoroughly and ensuring their needs are met by the different internal teams. They’re a key component in building brands and the work isn’t easy. Staying abreast of the latest digital trends and opportunities for clients often keeps the lamp oil burning late into the night.

But now that Nicole works in our office, we know that late nights aren’t the only option. Ever the early-riser, she’s usually three hours into her workday when the rest of the office starts arriving. And her early-to-rise habits have had some impressive results.

She once worked on a campaign for Carnation Breakfast Essentials where the client wanted to grow their online database of contacts by running a sweepstakes where the winner would receive six months of free product. Traditionally, a campaign that builds a digital database would be exclusively digital, but Nicole and her team thought beyond that.

Families everywhere need quick, simple and healthy breakfasts. So they took the campaign to where families went like jazz festivals and state fairs. By combining the digital campaign with a rich experiential program, they shattered the expected 25k new contacts by growing the database by 750k contacts. No misprint there – that’s 18,750% above expectations!

That’s exactly the sort of results we love to see from our account team. Now if we could just get used to the 5 am emails…

A very short interview with Nicole…

What’s one thing everyone should know about you?

I once ran over a squirrel and felt so bad that I wrapped it up and took it to a vet. They looked at me laughed and then felt bad when they saw that I was in hysterics. So basically, you can say I am seriously empathetic to animals of all kind… but not insects!

Ed. Note – We’re with you about the insects.