Posts from // August 2014

Meet Stephanie, our newest Account Manager

Our work is more effective when there is a strong and healthy relationship with our clients. Building that relationship takes three key skills: clear communication, critical thinking, and the ability to anticipate problems – And Stephanie hit the trifecta. As a people person every moment of the day, she makes the perfect contact for clients. […]

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The Future of SEO: Visibility_14 Conference

The overlying theme of Visibility_14 conference was to understand how SEO has evolved over the last 5 years and what the future could possibly have in store. Marcus Tober, the founder of SearchMetrics, gave a compelling opening Keynote about how SEO is going from a tactical solution to a strategic partner for businesses. The old […]

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Our Lollapalooza Playlist

Every year, just as summer reaches its peak intensity, Chicago erupts in Lollapalooza excitement. And since our office is filled with a lot of music lovers, quite a few of us set up OOO emails before leaving last night. So we put together a Spotify playlist full of great music from Lollapalooza artists to help you […]

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