Posts from // November 2014

Meet Steve, our new Agency Lead for Social Media

Social media has become a key part of marketing and business today. It’s now virtually impossible to imagine a marketing campaign that does not also include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media channels for connecting brands to consumers and audiences around the globe. But it’s crucial that these campaigns are driven by comprehensive strategy. […]

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Ello, Is Anybody Out There?

Whenever a new social media network arrives on the scene, the world starts buzzing with questions. Is it like Facebook? Will it replace Facebook? Will all my friends join it? How cool will I look if I’m the first person on this new network? I’m a member of the social media generation. I was a […]

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Meet Katie, our new Associate Copywriter

In a world where Emoji and text-speak have replaced proper sentence construction, writers are the warriors on the front lines of language, communication, and thought. And in the corporate world of digital advertising and marketing, it’s important for writers to be able to seamlessly shift their language depending on brand voice, campaign, and platform. This […]

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