The Social Share Guide: Turning Brand Fans into Content Promoters

Whether you’re promoting an event or specific marketing campaign, look to the people who already support your brand, your fans or evangelists, to help spread the word. By activating your key stakeholders who are invested in your brand, either as internal members or partners of the company, or people who simply support your brand in the outside world, you can ensure your message and event promotion reaches more people. While most companies take a passive approach when it comes to activating word of mouth, there is a better way to ensure your branded message gets shared.



Introducing the Social Share Guide

Leverage the power of your brand evangelists with a Share Guide, whether you’re promoting a one-time live event or specific marketing campaign. Beyond creating content to be simply liked, shared, favorited or commented on, a Share Guide provides tailored messages relevant to your key stakeholder’s interest or role (speaker, attendee, sponsor, exhibitor, staff, board member, media partner, etc.).  A Share Guide consists of pre-written, tailored messages that are easy to share across social channels pre-, during, and post- event, which can include:

  •      Twitter posts  – a concise method of event promotion and sharing key takeaways from presentations
  •      Facebook posts – great for posting a variety of informative articles, photos and more
  •      Instagram photos – perfect for the more visually exciting parts of your event or promotion
  •      LinkedIn articles – a great way to drive thought leadership from presenters and leaders
  •      YouTube videos – record key presentations and upload to YouTube to share during the event or after; create fun videos for your campaign
  •      Email content – consolidate and share important information about the event
  •      Suggested blog topics for attendees (pre- and post- event)
  •      Images to be paired with social media posts
  •      Pre-event: Digital badges that can be displayed on websites, blogs or social media or downloadable Facebook and Twitter cover photos
  •      Post-event: Digital badges, certificates of completion

Your Share Guide can easily live on a private section of your website with a trackable link that you can send out to event attendees. Setting up the Share Guide as a PDF with messaging, links, and downloadable images is a great way to get your evangelists excited and spreading the word about your event.

Below are a few examples of Share Guides I have recently come across:

Why Create a Share Guide?

Creating a Share Guide is no small task, but it allows your message to spread beyond your current audience. The important thing to remember about Share Guides is that they need to be tailored to your specific evangelist, whether internal or external facing.  Crafting a one-size-fits-all message will result in digital word of mouth failure. Think in terms of “what’s in it for them?” What value will they derive from sharing this message? Why would they want to share this message? How can we both benefit by sharing this message? Remember, how a sponsor would promote or talk about your event is a lot different than how a board member or media partner would talk about your event.

A well-crafted Share Guide will ensure your message reaches a wider audience, as it is promoted by people who are passionate about your brand.