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Meet Bobby, our new Product Manager

Meet Bobby, our new Product Manager


Without product managers, agencies would come to a grinding halt. Coordinating budgets, allocating hours, managing deliverables and more across teams to ensure excellent work is delivered to clients is no small task. That’s why we’re excited to welcome Bobby Lorenz to the Envisionit team as Product Manager on the web team.

A native of Glenview and alum of the University of Dayton (where he majored in criminology), Bobby comes to Envisionit from Groupon, a four-year veteran of teams including sales and merchant operating systems, where he focused on launching innovative new products to businesses and their customers. This honed his ability to anticipate the evolving needs of clients and consumers, figure out where new products would fit and how to update them. Bobby decided he wanted to be in an agency setting to work with smaller groups and specific plans and deliverables, where he could be a client advocate and work directly with them. Our agency vision appealed to him, as did the fast pace of agency life.

When he’s not at Envisionit, Bobby is a resident of Greektown, loves to sail on Lake Michigan, and is a fan of the Blackhawks after being a hockey player growing up. He’s excited to be a part of Envisionit to help clients reach their business goals, and we’re excited to have him!


Three things I can’t live without are:

My bicycle, comedy, and rye whiskey

The fictional character most like me is:

Indiana Jones

What are your three favorite movies?

“Who Framed Roger Rabbit,” “The Prestige,” “Gran Torino”

If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Salmon: grilled, smoked, blackened, fried, broiled.  Any way is fine.  

Fill in the blank: I’m really good at:

Making and reading maps