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How #TheDress got us to debate after hours one year ago today

the dress, dress debate


One year later, Envisionit revisits #TheDress

It was a Thursday night. Exactly one year ago today. And, it all started with an email from one of our team members to the whole agency:

Okay gang,

I need someone to explain this to me.  

I just got in the car on the way home from dinner, and my wife showed me this picture and asked me, “what color is this dress?”  I answered (black and blue) yet 74% of people see the wrong color!

I am completely confused on this one as my wife is with the majority seeing this as gold and white. Someone clear this up for me!

And, it became what is likely the longest after-hours email thread in the history of our agency.

Pretty soon, we got this reply all:

It’s gold & white. When you add florescent light against it, it reads blue. You can thank my theater degree for that.

Eventually, our spouses and significant others were brought into the debate:

My wife sees blue and black I see white and gold. Hah!!!

Our house we see gold and white, interesting

Yeah, we’re a house divided too. I see gold and white and I’ve never seen Mike look at me with such shock and disbelief before. He can’t fathom how I am seeing that.

Well, over here it’s two more votes for black and blue!!

I see white and gold. My girlfriend sees black and blue, and thinks I’m nuts.

To this day, people still debate what the colors were. And, The AV Club has written a great retrospective about #TheDress. Remember, February 26, 2015 was the day of White Llama and Black Llama too.

Which side are you on? Have you changed sides? Tweet #ENVBlackAndBlue and #ENVWhiteAndGold to share your memories of #TheDress.