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Never mind the Broncos. Which ad won the Super Bowl?

Never mind the Broncos. Which ad won the Super Bowl?


Super Bowl 50 may have been a fairly dull game. But the ads gave us all something to get excited for. We asked our own team, the “envisionaries,” to pick their favorites and tell us why. Sorry, Peyton Manning, your hug for the founder of a pizza chain doesn’t count as an ad.

Mike Phillips | Associate Creative Director

Winner: Puppy Monkey Baby, Mountain Dew

“What the hell was that?”

That’s the reaction of my wife, and probably millions of other people. Add in the fact that it had a tight product tie-in, and Mountain Dew wins it for me.

Question… could it have been better if it were “Puggy Monkey Baby” instead?

Runner-up: New Money, PayPal

Big and bold, this is a statement from a revitalized PayPal that the road through the new economy is paved with “new money.” It’s timely and brings a targeted focus to the up-and-coming drivers of the future economy—every day folks and entrepreneurs (another nice ‘new money’ tie-in)


Courtney Read | Engagement Manager 

I enjoyed a lot of the commercials from PayPal’s “New Money” ad to the NFL’s “Super Bowl Babies.” I found a lot of them fresh and outside of the box-which made them all fun to watch. But, the winner in my mind is was the Hyundai Elantra commercial with Ryan Reynolds. Not just because I love the idea of a town of men that look like Ryan Reynolds but because there was a corgi in the commercial and anything with a corgi trumps everything else.


Mike Kennedy | Senior Copywriter 

While I was probably predisposed to love this ad because it had David Bowie’s “Starman” in it, Audi won the game for me by being near perfect on so many levels. A compelling story told with just the right amount of dialogue. Terrific acting and direction. Outstanding cinematography. Also, did I mention Bowie? “Commander” resonated so much that I completely forgot you cannot legally drive a car at 205 MPH on any highway in the United States.

Honorable mentions: Toyota Prius – “The Longest Chase,” Heinz – “Wiener Stampede” and Advil – “Distant Memory”


Sarah Rucinski | Senior Executive Assistant

First of all, didn’t have a clue that a Marmot was a large squirrel, and now I feel super enlightened.  Secondly, I want to be friends with a Marmot, maybe even grab coffee together! Now as for the Marmot Company, which I suddenly adore because not only was the commercial impressive, but Marmot is a local company discovered in the 70’s by two U of C. students that hankered to make clothing for the outdoors. This was my favorite commercial because it was cute, corny, current, silly, short & sweet, simple, colorful, and effective.  So, Marmot and their little squirrel were my favorite lineup.  What a life to ‘fall in love with the outside,’ and force you to realize that the cold winters aren’t always so spiritless.


Nicole Brown | Senior Account Manager 

Dad Do. This commercial was so interesting to me, because it shows the connection that a girl and her father can have, and that when there is a strong male presence, it helps build self confidence in a young girl. No matter the age or gender, this commercial connected from an emotional level and was impactful. We take for granted simple pleasures such as doing your daughter’s hair, but when we each take time for one another the outcome far exceeds what one thinks.


 Caryn Jendro | Senior Social Creative Strategist

Overall, the Superb Owl commercials didn’t really leave me wooing with the enthusiasm of #wooguy – who ultimately stole the show like Beyonce stole halftime from Maroon 5, I mean Coldplay. And the audience was not at rest without their #leftshark, but it seems the internet did find the obvious solution.


Anyhoo, my top three picks of the actual commercials were T-mobile “Restricted Bling,” Toyota Prius “The Longest Chase” and another T-mobile “Drop the Balls.” I loved that T-mobile was quick to tap into pop culture without missing the mark. And no, I won’t even talk about this one. Too far, Doritos, too far.


Steve Ziemba | Agency Lead, Social Media

While I don’t consider myself  their target audience, the Mountain Dew ‘Puppy Monkey Baby’ was the most memorable Big Game commercial, weird, but memorable. Let’s face it, teens can be a bit weird and this commercial aligned nicely with their weirdness DNA.  As a father of two, often find myself referring to my kid’s friends by their gaming screen name (e.g., Sgt. Butterz, Krazy Gurl, Z-As-In-Zebra) rather than their given name. I can hear the chants in high school hallways all across America, “Puppy Monkey Baby, Puppy Monkey Baby, Puppy Monkey Baby.”

Honorable mentions: Colgate and T-Mobile


Amber Davis | Associate Creative Director

I love everything about Audi’s “Commander” spot. In concept form, it had a high potential to miss the mark. But perfect pacing and editing, along with the soundtrack of David Bowie’s “Starman,” work together to create a powerful 1-minute story about the ultimate piloting experience. Simply stunning.


Azra Grudic | Agency Lead, Display Media

Every year there are so many fabulous Super Bowl ads that make it tough for me to select a favorite commercial.  Unfortunately, this wasn’t that year for me. There weren’t many ads from Super Bowl 50 that I thought were outstanding or even memorable. Of course, many ads were really well done this year, however well done and effective are two different things.  At the party that I attended, many commercials unnoticeably faded into the background of inside jokes and game replays. The only commercial that the entire party of 20 paid attention to was Amazon’s Echo ad; starring Alec Baldwin, Dan Marino, Missy Elliott and Jason Schwartzman. I believe this commercial effectively grabbed everyone’s attention because Amazon did a little research on their audience’s interest. With that said, Amazon’s first attempt at a Super Bowl ad was a touchdown.


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