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Turning Our Clients Into Superstars

Turning Our Clients Into Superstars

On a daily basis, Envisionit strategizes, plans and executes a multitude of campaigns for various clients. We have worked with Urban Partnership Bank, a local bank with branches throughout Chicagoland, since 2013. We created the “Our Interest Goes Here” campaign for them, highlighting their mission of investing back in local neighborhoods’ people and businesses.

The media strategy part of the campaign included the “How Well Do You Know Chicago?” sweepstakes, a first-of-its-kind execution for Urban Partnership Bank. After answering a few trivia questions and entering the sweepstakes, one lucky Chicago winner won round trip tickets to New York City for an intimate concert with the Grammy Award-winning artist Monica (“The Boy is Mine”). And, we were honored to be a part of this once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

Envisionit was given the chance to become an extension of the Urban Partnership Bank team by being a brand representative for the event. It was our goal to embody our client’s mission, from pampering the well-deserved sweepstakes winner with a unique experience to showing gratitude and appreciation to Monica for her own community activism. Again, ensuring that all touch points and initiatives are a true reflection of the bank’s brand and their mission.

We enjoyed the opportunity to be an even more involved member of the Urban Partnership Bank team and to be able experience a major part of the campaign. No matter the type of engagement we have with a client, our ultimate goal is to always be an extension of the brand.