This week’s social media quick hits

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Between SXSW Interactive, the ongoing political drama that is election year, St. Patty’s Day, and spring weather and time changes (pollen + daylight savings = no bueno), you might have missed a few of the major changes in social media these past couple of weeks.

The most recent updates show how a company’s growth (Pinterest) and lack thereof (Tumblr) can fuel decisions to expand ad offerings. Meanwhile, it’s up to marketers to continue experimenting with different combinations of emojis, Instagram posts and lead gen tools to optimize their ad targeting and maximize the number of eyeballs reached.

Here’s a quick recap:

Instagram’s new algorithm

According to Instagram, users miss 70 percent of the posts that show up in their feeds, meaning they only see 30 percent of the content posted by users and brands they follow. That’s why the company is adding an algorithm that reorders pictures and videos in users’ feeds based on their interests instead of solely chronology. It’s not clear how Instagram will prioritize which posts get pushed into news feeds, except that they’ll be based on users’ interests and will likely incentivize brands to run posts as ads.

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Ad tools from Pinterest

Alongside Ads Manager, Pinterest has released some new tools for advertising targeting including interest targeting, keyword targeting and customer database targeting. These are primarily geared towards small and medium sized businesses. Data shows advertisers who use the Pinterest Ads Manager received an average of 20% more (free) clicks in the month after the start of a Promoted Pins campaign.

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More brands use emojis in social media posts

With marketing elites Domino’s and 20th Century Fox’s Deadpool leading the way, the emoji barrier may finally have been broken. In the fourth quarter of 2014, 28% of Facebook’s top brand pages used emoji in their posts. By Q4 2015, that had jumped to 40%. But don’t get too emoji-happy—just because you include a emoji in your Instagram post doesn’t mean it will get love. It’s the creative action of telling a story solely using emoji or combining words and emoji that earns followers’ respect and engagement.

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Tumblr struggles to grow its user base

In 2016, Tumblr will have 23.2 million users in the US. That’s less than half as many as Pinterest (which has 54.6 million) and less than a third as many as Instagram (which has 89.4 million). What’s worse, Tumblr will add far fewer users through 2020 than its competitors. This will be the last year Tumblr will grow by double digits, signaling a plateau. According to The Information, Yahoo is considering letting Facebook sell ads within the Tumblr mobile app and splitting the profits in hopes of getting more ad revenue from the microblogging network.

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B2B lead generation stats and facts

The B2B Technology Marketing Community on LinkedIn led by BrightTALK conducted the 2015 lead generation survey to understand how marketers adjust to challenges and identify new trends and best practices. According to the survey, search engine optimization (SEO) is the third most effective lead generation tool, preceded only by company websites in second place, and events and conferences in first. Paid search advertising was the seventh most effective lead generation tool. White paper and eBook downloads are the top producers of B2B leads, cited by 59% of marketers. Other top calls to action included contact forms (39%), webinars (37%), and free trials (35%). Some 61% of B2B marketers admit that lack of resources like funding, staff, and time remain the biggest barrier to creating a successful lead generation strategy.

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