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This Week’s Social Roundup

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I often refer to the world of social media as the wild west, especially when its biggest players are constantly changing the game. That’s why I’ve compiled this handy-dandy roundup of the biggest updates that you need to know this week. Here’s the latest on social media:

Meerkat is pivoting

Meerkat is leaving behind livestreaming and becoming a video social network, thanks to Periscope (i.e. Twitter) and Facebook stepping on their turf. This is just under a year from Meerkat’s hyped launch at SXSW last March. With 75% of its venture funding left, don’t count it out yet.
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Facebook pushes live video higher in feed, and it’s finally coming to Android

Speaking of live video, Facebook is investing more in its efforts to be a major player for live video, and to make sure live video stays around. While Meerkat is bowing out, Facebook wants to earn your investment in live video. The priority push is likely due to this lovely insight: According to Facebook, people spend three times longer watching videos when they’re live compared to videos that are no longer live.
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Twitter is rolling out a new timeline, ordered by relevance instead of timestamp

A new algorithm on Twitter will be showing “best tweets” at the top of the homepage feed. This is a significant update, but don’t get too comfortable with it just yet. The experiment could be short-lived. And, in case you were wondering, here’s how to turn it off.
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Facebook Launches Canvas

Facebook closed out February by launching a new ad format, Canvas. Canvas allows advertisers to create beautiful, mobile-only microsites off of mobile newsfeed ads for both iPhone and Android users. It’s a great way to approach landing pages off of Facebook ads, delivering polished, fun content with an easy builder. There may also be analytics incentives to using Canvas. Stay tuned.

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LinkedIn now offers ads targeting specific companies

A new feature on LinkedIn, called LinkedIn Account Targeting, allows marketers to target up to 30,000 companies in native advertising campaigns through Sponsored Updates and Sponsored InMail. Not only does this feature target company pages, but the profile pages of people who work at those companies as well. This update hails a drastic change to the platform, which previously only allowed marketers to target up to 100 companies through manual selection.
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Facebook plans to open Messenger to publishers by late 2016

Facebook plans to open up its messaging platform to developers later this year. The feature will allow publishers to share content through Messenger via chat bots, with short descriptions linking back to articles on their websites. The move could help address some of the concerns publishers may have had with Facebook’s Instant Articles, which don’t directly provide traffic back to publishers’ websites.
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Facebook and Twitter are making good on their new year resolutions of growth and progress, but that hasn’t stopped their competition from creeping up on them. Which can only be a positive thing—more competition between tech giants means better products for us.