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Too many apps? Toss ‘em! Digital spring cleaning at Envisionit

Too many apps? Toss ‘em! Digital spring cleaning at Envisionit


It’s that time again. The sun is shining, flowers are blooming, and people everywhere are tossing out all the junk they accumulated over the past year.

If you’re like most of us, you have tons of apps, but tend to use only a few on a regular basis. Since you’re already in spring cleaning mode, why not take this opportunity to clean out the digital junk on your phone too? Data bandwidths are growing, but it’s always good to have extra space on your phone (if only to download more addictive apps).

For your inspiration, our team shares some tried-and-tested apps, their guilty pleasure go-to’s, and the apps that need to go.  

Dan Salganik, Digital Project Manager


Some of my must-have apps are the BaconReader (a Reddit app), Feedly, and 8tracks. I commute a couple of hours every day and these apps make the commute faster and more pleasant. I love to use Reddit because it provides me with updates, user-generated content, and comic relief. Feedly is a good way to find news, blog articles, micro-articles, and current events based on my interests. And 8tracks is my favorite music streaming app because it lets me choose a genre and listen to user-created playlists.

What apps am I going to delete? My games. I typically do not have games on my phone, but when I do, they are short-lived. Most of my games do not last more than a week or two due to the fact that they become dull!

One of the apps that I should delete is called Night Owl. It is an app that dims your phone so that you can use it at night without hurting your eyes. Also, the Chicago Parking app. The only issue with these apps is that I always forget to use them—though I want to!

Caryn Jendro, Senior Social Creative Strategist


My must-have apps include Companion. It gives me more peace of mind while I’m walking by myself at night. Splitwise is an absolute must for weekend trips with friends. It’s so easy to split up who paid for what, and what portion everyone owes. Then you can settle the bill with any of your favorite payment accounts (Paypal, Venmo, etc).

I’ve been coined the “Deal Diva” around the office. I am always on the hunt for easy ways to save money. Cartwheel lets me scan things I already have in my cart and add any coupons that are available. On top of the standard top social apps, Timehop is my bonus app. It’s a fun trip down memory lane everyday and they add on extra functionality for holidays. I sent dozen of Valentine’s through Timehop this year.

It’s time I delete MyIdol, Dubsmash and Peach. They were fun while they were hot, but now they’re just taking up space on my phone. I should probably also delete the Zillow app. I spend about an hour a day stalking real estate that isn’t even a possibility for me.

Amanda Monarch, Interaction Designer


My favorite apps include Google Maps—it’s the only reason I’m able to get anywhere in Chicago. Spotify is convenient because I don’t have a lot of space available on my phone. It’s nice to be able to sync playlists to my phone and then unsync when I’m done, and definitely much easier than downloading and deleting music through iTunes. The Chase app is useful and easier to use than the Chase website. I can keep an eye on my account, deposit checks, and send Chase Quickpays.

I need to delete the CBS Sports app. March Madness is over and my bracket is dead so there’s no longer a need for it. Quiz Up is also just another game app that I never use and takes up space.

I also need to delete the Papa John’s app. I live right next to a Papa John’s and the app makes it really easy to get pizza without getting out off the couch, but sometimes I wish it was a little more difficult.

Laura Grace, Agency Lead, Organic Search

lauraWhatsApp is my new favorite messaging app because of their commitment to public privacy by releasing End-to-End Encryption.

Recently, I found out that you can now disable Android bloatware, so I have done so for a bunch of apps that came with my phone such as NFL Mobile. I have also recently uninstalled several apps that I was testing for business purposes, which happens regularly in our business for QA purposes.

Neko Atsume is a cat-ownership emulator that I have admittedly fallen in love with. So has the rest of the world. Who has time for real cats in this day and age?

Brooke Johnston, Senior Digital Copywriter

brookeBesides the standards, I’ve been really into Snapchat lately. For a while, it seemed like no one was doing much with it, and now a bunch of people and brands are using it in really creative and funny ways. I also like Instacast, because I’m always discovering new podcasts and adding them to my list.

There’s always some silly time-waster that I should probably delete but haven’t. Right now, it’s Miitomo, which is Nintendo’s new social game.

I should probably delete Padmapper, Hotpads, and Zillow. I recently used all three when apartment hunting, but even after I’ve signed a lease, I can’t stop myself from continuing to look at what’s out there.

Saffa Khan, Associate Copywriter


I find Duolingo really fun. It’s a language learning app that has tons of quizzes for all proficiency levels. I use it to pass time during my commute in a useful way. Right now I’m learning Turkish and Portuguese. I’ve been a Waze fan for a while now. I know it was recently bought by Google, so Google Maps can give you the same information in terms of ETA accuracy, but I appreciate the fun voices that you can use for navigation on Waze (Stephen Colbert was my personal favorite).

The Chicago Ventra app is super useful for managing your transit expenses, especially if you switch between Metra and CTA a lot. Also, WhatsApp is a must-have for messaging my friends who have Android phones—SMS is just unacceptable these days.

I tried being that person who has Netflix on my phone and it felt awful. It took me out of the real world and my small phone screen did no justice to Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. I also deleted the Facebook app to force myself to read articles instead of scrolling through my feed when I’m bored.

I should probably delete my Starbucks app—with all the special offers and phone pay options, it makes it too easy to go out for a coffee break (multiple times a day).

Joe Mathieu, Agency Lead, Paid Search


My favorite app is still Twitter. I do check Timehop every single morning, just to see what I’ve done in past years (online, at least). Sometimes, it can be cringe-inducing.

It’s time for me to delete Foursquare and Swarm. Foursquare was great when it first came out—mostly as a way to keep track of places I visited that weren’t part of my regular travels. But when they tried to turn the Foursquare app into Yelp (an app I’ve never found much use for), and separated the “check-in” feature into the new Swarm app, loyal users abandoned it entirely. Now, if you want to “check in” places to remind yourself later where you’ve been (or show off to friends), you can already do that with the Facebook feature.

I’m pretty quick to delete apps if I’m not planning on using them, so I can’t say there’s much sitting on my phone that I can’t let go of.