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Making the switch to Google’s expanded text ads

Making the switch to Google’s expanded text ads

Remember this blog post about Google’s expanded text ads (ETAs)? Well, Google decided that they’ve had enough of the beta test. So, as of last week, they’re available for everyone (including all of our clients).

What this means

We’re all going to need new ads (yay!).

We don’t, however, need them today. And based on results we’ve seen with one of our clients, who has been participating in the beta, I wouldn’t recommend making the switch soon, either.

At Envisionit, we plan on gradually introducing ETAs into legacy campaigns, and creating both ETA and standard ads for new campaigns until 10/26. This will give us the opportunity to A/B test messaging, and allow other advertisers to start running ETAs themselves.

Closing time for standard ads

No new standard text ads will be accepted in AdWords after October 26th. That doesn’t mean, however, that they will be shut off on October 26th. That part is important. Given Google’s track record, they probably won’t be shut off until the first of the year at the earliest (and probably even later than that).

Until we need to make the switch, or until performance warrants it, we won’t be turning off standard ads. That will be determined on an individual basis.

What should you do?

For now, nothing. Your ads will be okay!