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Social Roundup: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest update and upgrade ad products

Social Roundup: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest update and upgrade ad products


Responding to behavior data and user requests, the latest updates from Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest give both the people and the brands what they want. Check out the latest from a few social giants below, and learn how brands can leverage these updates.

Facebook Offers gets an upgrade

Promotions go mobile

Facebook knows that everyone loves a good deal. As such, they’ve been working to improve their Offers ad product by enhancing its performance on mobile devices, incorporating in-store redemption and creating an Offers bookmark. Businesses can promote Offers via Page posts or ad formats (including carousel), which then appear in users’ News Feeds. Users can now save these offers to the Offers bookmark to redeem in the future. Page posted Offers also have the benefit of open access to anyone visiting the business’ Page on the new, dedicated Deals tab. Currently, online promotions are available through Facebook Offers, with in-store offers set to debut in coming weeks.
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Facebook Advances Slideshow

Video lite 2.0

Facebook is enhancing its Slideshow format by adding the ability to overlay text and music to slideshows. You can also add more photos to your slideshow (up from 7 to 10), including photos from Facebook’s own stock image library. Plus, you can now create slideshows on your mobile device. All of these new features coupled with the faster load times of slideshows mean you can expect to see a lot more of these on your News Feed.

Bonus update: Facebook has added the capability of linking carousel ads to the Canvas experience, creating yet another way for companies to produce rich experiences for their customers.
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Vertical video ads arrive in full on Facebook

The world, straight up

The Snapchat influence is strong. Facebook unveiled new vertical video on its mobile app for both ads and Live videos. The vertical format, which was proven for brands on Snapchat, is expected to be less expensive than square ads as well, with early adopters citing CPMs at a third of the cost of square videos. This format also allows for a more immersive brand experience, encompassing the majority of mobile screen real estate.
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Pinch-to-zoom is officially a thing on Instagram

IG sleuthing, optimized

Instagrammers are rejoicing about the platform’s new (and long-awaited) zoom feature on its mobile app. Now, iOS users can pinch-to-zoom on both photos and videos, with an Android update expected in the near future. Brands should be looking to add this updated behavior to their creative strategy. With the addition of business profiles, Stories, and now zoom, Instagram is offering a lot more opportunities for brands to optimize their Instagram presence.
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Pinterest introduces engagement retargeting

Pin this update

Pinterest now allows advertisers to retarget to users who have previously shown interest in their posts. This move was backed up with the stat that 87% of Pinterest users have made a purchase after finding a product on the platform. Users who engage with a post are 2.2 more likely to make a purchase within the next 30 days than those who don’t, so this new feature promises some killer conversions. Pinterest also plans on updating visitor retargeting to support event data.
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