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Introducing Jane Mayer as our new Senior Digital Project Manager

Introducing Jane Mayer as our new Senior Digital Project Manager


Jane Mayer has consistently supported our agency through her hard work and dedication. On a daily basis, she relieves our internal team of the stress of logistics and helps us stay ahead of our projects. She also helps out our clients by clearly communicating all objectives and expectations. That’s why Jane fully deserves her recent promotion to Senior Digital Project Manager here at Envisionit.

In her new role, Jane will continue to streamline our internal communication. She will update our existing processes to be even more efficient, while retaining the flexibility that gives our agency a competitive edge. Both our team and our clients will benefit from these improvements.

Jane will also be more involved in the initial stages of a client relationship. She will help new clients assess engagement costs and keep both the internal team and the client aligned in terms of timeline and budget. Her mission is to help everyone involved understand all the goals and benchmarks and the best way to achieve them. That way, our agency is in a better position to satisfy all expectations so everyone has the best experience possible.

We look forward to seeing our project management team grow under Jane’s leadership.