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Social Roundup: Facebook Edition

Social Roundup: Facebook Edition


In case you’ve only just awakened from a decade-long siesta and haven’t had a chance to catch up with what’s new in the world of digital marketing, here’s a newsflash:

Facebook is taking over.

Our integrated marketing team recently had the opportunity to visit Facebook for an event to learn more about the social media giant’s latest ad offerings. The general consensus is that Facebook is steadily expanding its products to overtake many traditional marketing channels. And everyone is excited about it.

Here’s the take from a few of our experts.

Azra Grudic, Associate Director, Brand Research & Activation

“This is the first time Facebook has challenged display. Most clients contribute the majority of their budget to display because it’s the easiest to track. Now, Facebook has created ‘Brand Lift Studies,’ which offer tracking methods similar to display. That means smaller clients can test over Facebook, which is great for them. Also worth noting is that you can no longer buy Facebook ads through programmatic buying.

It’s nice to see how much Facebook has evolved in the past 3 years, and I’m excited to see where they’re headed next.”

Steve Ziemba, Social Media Lead

“Facebook’s new Campaign Planner tool is a game-changer. Before, you had to mock up real ads on the platform to have anything to show your clients. Now, you can identify by audience, mock up client-neutral ads to show your clients, and then tailor the ads to their needs. Additionally, the new audience and insights planner can help agencies with internal trafficking.

Facebook is now proving that it’s big enough to compete against Google, breaking through its previous ‘walled garden’ by serving ads throughout the internet. Although Facebook has had its Audience Network for awhile, it is becoming more and more transparent about where those ads are showing up, which is extremely beneficial for agencies like ours.”

Caryn Jendro, Senior Social Creative Strategist

“I’m excited to put the Creative Hub to work, which will allow our team to easily share our ideas for creative with our clients. The hope is this will save time and resources, because we won’t have to spend extra time mocking up concepts with Photoshop or an ad builder in order to receive client approval. The tool will help us be more transparent and efficient, and it will help clients understand ads in their native environments instead of having to imagine how they will look as finished products.”

Joe Mathieu, Media Director

“Facebook’s agency partnership teams are doing an incredible job at keeping us in the loop on their emerging technologies and capabilities. These ‘open houses’ are unique opportunities for Envisionit to experience first-hand how Facebook is revolutionizing their paid social offering for advertisers of all sizes and business objectives.”