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Envisionit’s Pick: Super Bowl Ads 2017

Envisionit’s Pick: Super Bowl Ads 2017


This year’s big game was truly memorable as the first Super Bowl to go into overtime. But did the commercial breaks leave audiences wanting more? Envisionit team members dish about their favorite (and least favorite) ads from the night.

Steve Ziemba

Overall, I really liked how AirBNB’s “We Accept” ad depicted diversity. While this ad has relevance to President Trump’s travel ban, it also speaks more to the company’s recent ethical issues in which AirBnB received criticism for the lack of diversity in its workforce and for incidents of discrimination between hosts and guests.

The HR &Block/Watson commercial had some potential but lacked focus. It had an eerily similar feel the to the YouTube classic, This is a Generic Brand Video.

Melissa McCarthy’s ad for Kia was very funny, but I don’t know how effective it was—although it was clear she was promoting an eco-friendly vehicle, it was easy to forget that the commercial was for Kia.

Justin Bieber for T-Mobile was a miss for me. I love campaigns that integrate social media engagement, but I was too busy watching the game to share my #UnlimitedMoves.

Lady Gaga’s feature for Tiffany’s reminded me of when Arby’s Tweeted at Pharrell during the Emmy’s a few years back. This is Tiffany’s attempt to reposition itself as hip and cool, not your grandmother’s jewelry store.

Randy Guy

I really liked Melissa McCarthy’s physical comedy for Kia. And Buschhhhh.

I personally found the Super Bowl babies ad creepy, and I definitely didn’t like the ghost Spuds MacKenzie ad either.

Joe Mathieu

I really liked the Sprint ad where the guy had to fake his own death to get out of his Verizon contract, because let’s face it: cell phone contracts are basically impossible to get out of otherwise.

The Audi equality ad was impressive. But my most favorite was Tide’s brilliant surprise integration with a stain on Terry Bradshaw’s shirt, which was believable since Bradshaw is a slob.

The Spuds MacKenzie resurrection was a major dud. So was T-Mobile’s ad with Justin Bieber, who has the personality of a dish towel.

Sarah Rucinski

Audi for the win! Why? Because a kid I went to high school with played the dad in it and I thought the #driveprogress hashtag was brilliant. And the commercial is called “Daughter,” awwwww. Who runs the world? Girls. What a great gender equality message.

Jason Goldberg

While a weak year overall (in my opinion), a few ads stood out. I really enjoyed Honda’s “Yearbook” ad, which featured celebrities speaking through their high school yearbook pictures.

84 Lumber also had an excellent commercial that was so successful, it crashed their website—nice!

Avocados from Mexico, Ford and Busch were all funny, and I laughed out loud at Martha Stewart and Snoop for T-Mobile and Cam Newton in Buick’s commercial.

Audi’s “Daughter” commercial resonated with me as well since I have two daughters. The trailer for Stranger Things was such a tease—we have to wait till October, boooo. And my kids loved Skittles’ “Romance the Rainbow” commercial.

The Spuds MacKenzie ad was meh, especially because it wasn’t even the real Spuds. Mr. Clean had some creepy animations. The rest of the ads were pretty a yawn.