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Designing to user mindsets with a patient-centric website

Designing a Patient-Centric Website


Balancing lead gen and brand impact

Vein Clinics of America, a leader in providing vein disease treatment and patient care, needed a website that provided an experience as patient-friendly as their clinics. It not only had to reflect their sophisticated new visual and verbal brand identity and convey their reputation as a world-class health care provider, but it also had to create the ideal conditions for conversion. Once patients visited one of their vein clinics and interacted with the expert medical staff, continuing treatment was all but inevitable, so getting patients there was paramount.

These two goals had the potential to be at odds with one another though, so a successful experience would mean striking the right balance of persistent calls to action, sensitivity to care, and the healthy aspirations of the patients. But conveying their newly updated brand couldn’t sacrifice lead generation: it needed to drive even prospective patients to call, chat, or submit form submissions than the old site.

With this in mind, we built Vein Clinics of America a new website that purposefully walked this balance in two simple, elegant ways: by connecting calls to action with the narrative, and by focusing on clinic location pages as a key decision point.

Data points and decision points

Since our search data was telling us that an overwhelming number of site visitors were searching for information about cost and insurance on the go, we increased the emphasis of these topics by highlighting them in our navigation and making it easy to reach out to Vein Clinics of America directly.

Search Data Insurance Cost for Varicose Veins Disease

Calls to action became a part of the story, carefully woven throughout the site’s content rather than being a disconnected layer on top of it. The new experience featured a CTA strategy that included a contextually relevant benefit message based on the mindset of what a user would be looking for as a next step — whether that was more information about treatment, cost and insurance, or clinic locations.

Unique Calls to Action

Amping up organic visibility with localized content

Vein Clinics of America has more than 60 clinics in 14 states, but on their previous site, clinic pages were linked deeper within the site’s architecture. In order to capitalize upon the volume of searches for clinic locations and physician names, we moved the clinic pages higher up in the site architecture and focused on them as a key decision point in the website journey. We also increased their value with on-page content recommendations and used local tactics to improve local targeting efforts. These not only provide an entry point for organic searches, but they gave the necessary information to users who entered through organic search or internal calls-to-action.

Primary Navigation Sitemap

Vein Clinics of America has individual pages for each clinic and for each physician, packed with information like accreditation, schools, location, and more — all valuable for searchers and search engines alike.

Telling a compelling story that leads to conversion

The redesigned Vein Clinics of America website told a new story — one that suited their refined branding. Longform web content provided educational content to visitors in a concise, quickly digestible format, incorporating imagery and infographics to further push the narrative. Proof points and testimonials were leveraged throughout, and navigation titles were scannable and easy to understand.

Vein Clinics of America’s new website content prioritized patient concerns over capabilities, aligning their digital presence with their patient-centric clinic experience.

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