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October’s Social Media Roundup!

October’s Social Media Roundup!


As part of an effort to share industry news that’s caught our attention, our Social team has put together a roundup for this month. Whether it’s the latest with Facebook, general advertising trends, or social campaigns that knocks our socks off—we wanted to share a quick snapshot of some noteworthy updates in the world of social media.

Video Watches are now Videos Played

In an effort to say it like it really is, Facebook is changing the ever popular metric of Video Watches to Videos Played. Let’s face it, it’s not as if they’re tracking our eyes as we thumb through our feed, so the new name is a little more accurate.

You can now opt out of offline Facebook activity

If you’re concerned with your privacy online, you may be interested in Facebook’s latest change.  You can now opt out of allowing it to track you outside outside of the Facebook network.

What does this mean for marketers? Well, we typically run lots of remarketing campaigns for our clients—they’re not only effective but cost efficient. But with this new option, we may not be able to track some of our customers when they interact with an ad on Facebook. And because of that, we’ll lose the ability to get remarketing ads in front of them. Worry not, because we can still remarket these targets through a multi-channel program.

Even though we don’t expect a lot of people to opt out as it’s an option most aren’t aware of, but marketers should plan on monitoring this to see if there’s a dip in remarketing performance.

New ad types coming to Facebook

Soon enough, Facebook will add a few new ad types to their selection and here’s a few that caught our attention.

  • Polls — Engages your targets and lets them express their personal preference while providing useful data for brands
  • Augmented Reality — Integrates AR camera effects into your ad (after it’s clicked) through Spark AR
  • Playable Ads — Allows advertisers to “gamify” their ads with this interactive format that allows advertisers to give a preview of their app

While there’s not a ton of information out for these ad types currently, we know that early adopters tend to see big results. Users are excited to see something new which means large improvements in engagement and we’re excited to apply them to our clients’ campaigns.

These are just a few notable trends from the last several weeks we felt were worth sharing. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us and stay tuned for future Social Roundups from Envisionit!

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