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November’s Social Media Round Up

November’s Social Media Round Up


Whether it’s the latest Facebook news, advertising trends, or general social topics—here’s a quick roundup of recent updates in the world of social media.

The New Dynamic Ad Experience

Do your targets have a specific preference for their ads? Good news! Facebook is making their dynamic ads even more dynamic. Soon enough a target’s previous behavior will determine how an ad will show. If they prefer collection ads, your dynamic ad will populate as one. Are they more of a carousel connoisseur? Worry not—the ad will show up as a carousel. It’s a new way to deliver paid social content the way your target prefers. See more on Facebook.

Different variations of the same ad

Image Source: Facebook

Story Templates Look Different!

Image source: Facebook

Story ads offer a great way to immerse your targets in a full screen experience, but sometimes assets don’t always translate to the full screen environment if they were designed for the feed. Facebook now offers templates to help adapt the assets you already have into an exciting full-screen experience. Even better—you can add animation flourishes to draw attention to your CTA. Also check out the available music. Get more tips and try them out now!

Pinterest Tip

Image source: Pexels

If you’re placing ads on Pinterest and you’re specifically targeting women, make sure you opt in for the Female and Unspecified categories. The ability to self identify gender came after a chunk of early users joined the platform, and they remain mostly uncategorized.

That’s it for this month. Check back in December to see what’s going on online!